Top Onboard Repair Service Companies in Malaysia

onboard repair services in Malaysia

Are you looking for good onboard repair services in Malaysia? Here are some of the best companies that offer these services. 

Lunar Ship Repair

They offer ship repair services for vessels such as tugboats and barges. Deck repairs, welding, sandblasting, and engineering and machinery repairs are all included. Malaysia’s shipbuilding industry is thriving, with numerous shipyards offering shipbuilding and ship maintenance services. It is now more challenging for ship owners to locate a reputable shipyard where they can leave their vessel for repairs. If your ship is in Malaysia and you need a shipyard to handle maintenance and repairs, contact Lunar Marine Services; they offer ship repair services in Malaysia. 

They may not be a part of your engineering team, but because they provide ship repair services in Malaysia, they feel obligated to assist our customers in making sound decisions. They are in business to make a profit, but they will not do repairs just to make money. Before beginning repairs, they will consult with your technical team to determine the most cost-effective and long-term repairs that your ship requires to re-enter service. This is among the reasons they have a high number of repeat customers.

Seaspray Marine

onboard repair services in Malaysia

They provide expert Shipwright Services, Electrical Installations, and full boat maintenance. They  are also the Malaysian distributors and agents for several international marine brands such as Balmar, Em-trak, Vetus, and Victron.

They are strategically located in Rebak Marina in duty-free Langkawi, Malaysia, and provide a wide range of services and sales, as well as International Yacht Brokerage, Vessel Care Services, and Marine surveys. They  have proudly served Rebak Marina, Langkawi, for over 12 years, with the likes of an onshore services depot and workshop among others. Our crew is professional, experienced, and well-managed, with an expert tradesperson at the helm.

TH Heavy Engineering Berhad

THHE has constantly been known as a reputable heavy engineering fabricator, providing high quality products to its diverse customer base in the Oil & Gas (O&G) sector. THHE is preparing to provide its expertise to the Marine industry by providing assistance to the Shipbuilding and Ship Repair (SBSR) sector as part of its growth and diversification strategy.

Part of this effort entails converting the current fabrication yard into a full-service shipyard while retaining its ability to deliver O&G projects. Clients in the Marine industry will eventually be able to enjoy the same standard of quality and safety that the O&G industry has previously enjoyed at competitive rates.

The Slipway will be linked to a ship transfer area, allowing docked ships to be side transferred and moved to 3 independent repair areas. This arrangement allows the yard to be more adaptable in its day-to-day operations, which benefits our clients by increasing work efficiency.

PG Timur

onboard repair services in Malaysia

PG Timur offers vessel and offshore installation service. They  provide engine and mechanic solutions, as well as steelwork and steel constructions, hydraulics, hydro blasting, and epoxy surface treatment. The tasks are completed throughout the Malaysia region, both while docking as well as onboard the vessels while they are in operation. To ensure no employee injuries and the highest quality result, the emphasis will constantly be on safety and quality.

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