The Medical Bachelor degrees in Malaysia

With the increasing demand for medical professionals, Malaysia is looking to educate more students and provide job opportunities in this sector. The country is planning on creating a national medical university. According to the Deputy Minister of Education, Malaysia plans on building the first medical university in the Southeast Asia region by 2022. This will provide new job opportunities for doctors and healthcare workers who are needed to meet the growing demand of these fields. Malaysia has created a strategy to increase its number of bachelor’s degrees in medical fields. They have developed their own system which is also applicable for international students with bachelor degrees from other countries that do not have such programs.

In Malaysia, students from lower-income families are unable to afford the cost of higher education. In order to address this issue, the government introduced a new higher education program that offers students with low-income access to affordable medical bachelor’s degrees. Many low-income students choose the Medical Bachelor degrees in Malaysia programme, which includes a Rs. 20,000 scholarship for their first year at any public or private medical school. Malaysia has a large number of universities spread in all states. However, the country does not have a national higher education system. In other words, students who want to study in Malaysia need to go to different universities for their bachelor’s degrees. 

The Medical Bachelor degrees in Malaysia

Malaysia ranks 130th on the World Bank’s 2017 ranking of higher education institutions. The country provides a mix of public and private institutions.  With an average cost of $14,000 per year, the country’s public-funded universities cover only 15% of the total student body with an annual enrolment reaching almost 1 million students in 2016. This is one reason why Malaysia has seen an influx of foreign students pursuing studies abroad with a growing number studying at Australian and British universities. Malaysia has a diverse higher education system with over 100 universities, colleges and institutes. Some of them are public institutions, some are private. The Malaysian government has been pushing for more students to go for a medical degree.  They have implemented various policies in recent times to help students get the best option available from the country’s many medical schools and universities.

 There is a plethora of choices in Malaysia that gives students who wish to pursue a medical career multiple options as well as opportunities for an international career path. Malaysia has a higher education sector that is composed of public and private universities. The latter have the advantage in terms of quality and research. In Malaysia, there are 3 types of bachelor degrees: general undergraduate degrees, professional undergraduate degrees and postgraduate degrees. Malaysian universities offer a wide range of degree programmes both for undergraduates as well as for postgraduates. Malaysia has an increasing economy and demand for high-skilled workers in different industries. There are many medical degrees available to choose from but because of their rigorous nature, they have proven that they are not suitable for everyone.

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