Types of Sports Betting

What is Sports Betting? 

Over time, we have developed various different modes of entertainment in our daily lives which includes reading, listening to music, watching movies or dramas, playing a sport and most recently popular, betting. Betting has a similar concept to casinos. A well-known type of betting is sports betting which is gambling by placing a certain amount of wager, on the outcome of a sporting event. In simple terms, the main purpose of taking part in sports betting is to win additional money. When you play sports betting, you have two outcomes. Either you win the bet with a profit, or you lose the bet and lose your wager. Sports betting includes wagers on sports like rugby, football and tennis. The malaysia sports betting website sports betting wagers can be put upon the results of the sports tournament or specific events to take place during a fixture. Once you understand some basics of sports betting, let us get down to the types of sports betting individuals interested can get involved in. 

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Types of Sports Betting

A good way to guarantee yourself a better payout from sports betting is to understand the scenarios in today’s competitive sports betting world. There are several main types of sports betting. The list of types of sports betting includes Moneyline or Straight Bets, Point Spreads, Futures, Totals or Under/Over, Parlays, Props, Teasers and Pleasers. 

Moneyline or Straight Bets

Moneyline or straight bets is a bet put on a certain team to win the overall sports game. Moneylines are expressed as -/+ 100 or some other three-digit number and are often times associated with American odds. Some examples are Philadelphia 76ers (-360) and Washington Wizards (+285). Based on this, you would have to bet $360 to win $100 on the 76ers as the success chance is very high. Moneylines is the most common and basic type of bet that is suitable for first-timers. 

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Point Spreads

The Point Spread is a specific amount of wager detracted or added to the final result to define the outcome of the wager. However, this does not mean that the wager determines the winner of the game. 


Futures, also known as outright winners are bets that are usually very much earlier than the competition. The odds will change slightly from one operator to the next, in each list of viable candidates offered in the sportsbooks. If you want to shop around for the most viable markets and odds, this is the place. Your selection must win the sporting event you are backing in order to win your money and profit. At the end of the event, if you win, the money will be paid out at the end of the event. 

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Totals or Under/Over

Totals or under/over bets are interesting. When you play this type of sports betting, you are betting on whether the total points that will be scored will fall short or exceed a specific pre-determined number instead of betting on the team that will win the match. For more information, click here

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