Filtering keywords 

The selection of keywords is an extremely important part of the SEO process. Therefore, before search engine keyword optimization, you must first select keywords that are relevant to the topic of your website to ensure that the optimized keywords are user-searchable and valuable. 

Keyword analysis

There is more than one keyword related to the website, but different keywords are optimised for different results. Therefore, it is necessary to analyse the selected keywords, analyse their search volume, conversion rate and difficulty of optimisation, etc., eliminate irrelevant and inappropriate keywords and filter out keywords with high search volume and low competition for optimisation.  

Keyword layout

The layout of keywords in the search engine keyword optimization plays a vital role. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange keywords rationally. In a web page, the number of keywords appearing should not be too many, generally in about 3. The keyword layout should not be stacked. After reading the steps of search engine keyword optimisation, you will need to do the following for your website keyword optimisation to ensure that it is effective. So, let’s look down.

Keyword content page optimisation  

Search engines like regular updates to website content, so keyword optimisation needs to be supported by high quality content pages to attract the attention of more users. But remember not to copy or reproduce online articles at will, not conducive to the effectiveness of keyword optimization. 

Build external chain 

Search engine keyword optimization must build high-quality external links, so we can add links through their own platform, or with a higher weight of the site to exchange links, but whether it is the release of external links or exchange links, you need to master the rhythm, a plan to update regularly. 

Website traffic analysis

Website traffic analysis can better guide the next step of SEO strategy, and also has a guiding meaning for the optimization of website user experience. Therefore, website keyword optimization requires analysis of website traffic to adjust the direction and strategy of optimization in a timely manner.

Along with the traffic you can get, search engine optimization also requires a rational design of the website’s functionality, structure, page layout, content, and other elements, so make sure the website is logically designed to meet the needs of users and enhance the user experience. Among the many aspects of user experience optimization, the general rule is that after a website has been optimized for user experience, users are able to navigate the website shop information with ease. It may be expressed by the way the website is designed with the user’s needs as its navigation, the ease of navigation, the opening time of pages, the reasonable page layout, the quality of information and the ability to effectively solve the user’s needs, which lead to increased trust from the user. If you are a website builder, you can refer to Republic seo services pricing malaysia in order enjoy a terrific experience. 

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