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Prevention is always better than cure.

Familiar with that sentence? Do you know what that means? It means you have to take care of yourself and prevent yourself from any illness or diseases because it is way better than when you have to cure the disease that you already have. Living a healthy life is easy especially if you have great discipline and will be able to stick to your healthy lifestyle.

You can probably tell when you’re not feeling well. You could simply feel “off.” You may notice that you are fatigued, that your digestive system isn’t working as effectively as it should, and that you are prone to colds. Mentally, you may be unable to focus and may feel nervous or sad.

These are few things that you can do to prevent any serious and unnecessary disease that you can actually avoid if you have proper and healthy lifestyle:

Eat healthy food

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you must continue to eat healthily. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer carbs, excessive salt, and unhealthy fat. Eat less junk food and sweets. You will also have to stick to your eating schedule. Skipping a meal will simply make your body want more food once you begin eating. Once is okay but if it has been your habit, you might want to change as soon as possible. Keep in mind that you should burn more calories than you consume.

Go to regular check-ups

Regular check-ups are necessary twice a year or at least once a year if you are a busy person. This is important because you can only know what is happening inside your body from x-ray, scans and proper check-ups by the doctors. They will let you know whether or not you are healthy. There are people who practice a healthy lifestyle but actually the organ is damaged. Even if you are learning MBBS at the cheapest MBBS university in Malaysia, you should always check what is happening with your body.

cheapest MBBS in Malaysia

Get quality sleep

Sleep is an important activity that you have to do daily because it is like the controller of your body. If you get enough sleep every night, there is a better chance that you are going to wake up rejuvenated the next morning. Some people wake up feeling lethargic and non-energetic and that is because they are not having the best sleep quality. Sleeping too much may be the reason you have a headache the next morning and ruin your whole schedule. Not only that, it will also affect your mental health.

Exercise regularly

Being slim and thin does not always mean that you are healthy. A healthy body is when you eat enough good food and exercise regularly to help boost your muscle. It is also a big help in making sure that you are not obese which it will damage your heart and liver due to excessive amount of cholesterol and fat. By exercising, you get to improve your metabolism and also aid in weight lost. It is not necessary for you to go to the gym daily, at least go for a brisk walk or jogging or even gardening to sweat a little. Your movements also will help to make your joints last longer.

Being healthy is not hard but to keep on doing it is quite hard especially if you don’t have any support system. 

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