best cloud storage providers in Malaysia

What has cloud storage provided us over the years? It has given us remote accessibilities and services like remote printing. It has made it easier to share files, documents and presentations and educational material across borders in a short space of time, giving access to anybody through a simple link. It simplified how we manage our data and information for large sized files to clear up space on our laptops or other devices. It has further simplified how to retrieve information regardless of where we are. And it has also made it possible to protect our data, take the necessary measures to protect it by backing it up to prevent losing It.Therefore we are able to retrieve our files and documents even if we lose one device or find that it has been compromised. There are plenty of reasons why cloud storage is a good option. Some of the best cloud storage providers in Malaysia are listed below.

Drop Box

Dropbox is not connected to any search engine and it is a hosting service that allows for sharing and downloading files remotely. Founded in 2007 by students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) it is one of the earliest versions of online storage to exist. 


best cloud storage providers in Malaysia

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the biggest storage platforms on the planet with more than a billion users as of 2018. It was created in 2012 to establish synchronisation, backup and storage options of files of all kinds. Google Docs allow people to share documents and alter them in real time at the same time, reducing the need to actually send the document around for each person’s input. It is user-friendly and comes with extra purgeable space if you require more of it. By using synchronisation, you are able to connect all your files to your devices, including music, files, videos and presentations that you need to access on the go from different devices. Having a platform such as this also reduces the time of transferring data and information when you purchase yourself a new device.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a freeware that works similarly to Google. It is available on devices that use Microsoft therefore making it popular on laptops more than cellular devices. The Microsoft OneDrive allows you to access files and documents as well as write or edit them from anywhere with a wifi connection. Similar to Google Drive, it also permits easy sharing and transference as well and automated backup synchronisation so that you do not have to manually backup your data or documentation. While Google Drive is well-known for entertainment purposes and data, Microsoft OneDrive is the go-to option for business documents and files as it accommodates excel spreadsheets, microsoft Word documents and powerpoint slides.

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