unifi 300mbps package from 30Mbps broadband

For many years, we in Malaysia have been hampered by the constraints of our national broadband carrier, which has failed to provide cheap internet across the country. To be fair, making it work would need a huge investment in infrastructure.

Things have altered a little since the broadband market was liberalized. More participants have joined the game, including major corporations such as Maxis. The issue is that these firms are not internet providers at their core, and their participation is unlikely to assist rural areas.

unifi 300mbps package from 30Mbps broadband

Malaysia now has compulsory entry pricing guidelines.

One of the major tasks of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) since its inception has been to oversee the country’s broadband business. Unfortunately, early agreements between Telekom Malaysia (TM) and the government granted it regulatory immunity for a period of time.

Since then, the broadband environment has shifted, and the sector has benefited from not just more competitors in the market, but also Mandatory Access Pricing Standards (MSAP).

TM Unifi Is A Good Broadband In Malaysia For These Reasons.

The most extensive coverage.

TM has the most experience as a nationwide telecoms service provider. As a result, it has both the people and the infrastructure to provide countrywide internet service — even back when copper cable was still in use.

It was also the first to build commercially viable fiber broadband infrastructure. This endeavor required a lot of time and money, both of which TM had in abundance. TM currently has the most comprehensive broadband coverage in the country thanks to its diverse product offering.

A wide range of broadband products.

TM has expanded its product portfolio to include nearly every spectrum of business telecommunications, with origins reaching back to the days of copper wire dialup and ADSL. It also offers value-added services such as Unifi TV, Video on Demand (VOD), and Voice over IP (VOIP).

The first is an upgrade of current Unifi plans from the original speeds to what the company refers to as ‘Unifi Turbo.’ Existing speeds would be increased to 100Mbps from 10Mbps, and 800Mbps from 100Mbps. There is also the unifi 300mbps package from 30Mbps. As of the end of January 2019, over 90% of eligible consumers had received the update, according to TM.

TM and authorized dealers provide two important pieces of networking equipment free of charge with each sign-up. A BTU unit (required for the fiber connection), as well as a wireless router, are included (model changes from time to time). Despite its simplicity, the wireless modem eliminates the need for additional costs when setting up wireless broadband for the entire family or company.

When you consider that TM bundles typically include VOIP and IPTV, you’ll see that, despite having lower internet speeds than other competitors, they provide an excellent overall package bargain.

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