Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know About

I’d say there’s something for everyone in the kitchen! There are so many amazing cooking utensils and tools to choose from, whether you’re a professional chef or just a casual cook. Here are a few of my favourite kitchen gadgets that I think are not only brilliant but also quite handy!

  1. Garlic Grater and Cutter
Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know About

Since it works like a little mandoline, the garlic grater and cutter Malaysia will come in handy. Put peeled garlic in the hopper and slide it down the blades or grater; the pusher plate protects your hands safe and odour-free.

  1. Fridgepad For iPad

When I’m cooking, I frequently use my iPad to look up a recipe online or listen to music from my iTunes library. This is the ideal location for storing it and viewing and accessing it quickly. This even converts it to a little flat screen television! You may also install it on a wall or cabinet instead of the refrigerator with an optional wall mount kit.

  1. Multi-Chopper

You can simply prep everything from potatoes to onions and carrots with three pushers and four replaceable blades. You can see how much you’ve already cut thanks to the measuring container, and you can remove the base to operate the chopper directly over your cutting board.

  1. Frozen Fruit Treat Maker

Have you ever used your food processor to produce frozen banana ice cream that tastes and looks like soft-serve ice cream?! This is something I started doing last summer, and it’s fantastic! However, the procedure is time-consuming. Before I reach the perfect consistency, I generally have to remove the cap about a dozen times to mix. I had no idea there was a machine specifically designed for this purpose! Simply place your frozen fruit in the blender to make a lot healthier and all-natural “ice cream.”

  1. Bowls Made of Silicone

These wonderful silicone bowls are now in my possession. I’m not sure how I managed before they existed! I typically use them for muffins and pancakes since you can quickly mix your ingredients in the bowl and then pinch to pour the exact quantity into a muffin tin or pan. You won’t need to use a separate measuring utensil with silicone measuring cups. Pour after you’ve measured, mixed, and measured!

  1. Water Bottle Ice Cube Tray

Funny enough, I have one of these in my tupperware cupboard and had no idea where I got it or what it was for. This makes perfect sense! No matter how hard you try, regular ice cubes will not fit through the narrow aperture in a water bottle.

  1. Pouring Spout with Clip

Clip this handy silicone cooking tool on a pot, pan, or serving dish to drain liquid while keeping the contents in place! It’s ideal for removing the fat from ground beef or the water from cooked vegetables.

  1. Marshmallow Roaster with No Flame

Okay, this may be a bit of a stretch, but I’ve always wanted to be able to roast marshmallows in my own kitchen! S’mores are a hit with the kids (and me! ), so there’s no reason to save them for a camping vacation. For a sleepover, this would be far too much.

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