Keep Your Commercial Refrigerator Well-Organized: It’s Important!

It is possible to keep your industrial refrigerator or freezer running at peak efficiency and safety by organizing it properly, which may also help limit the quantity of food that has to be discarded. For some company owners, reorganizing the contents of their commercial freezer and refrigerator isn’t their favorite task. If you’re running a restaurant, whether you’re the owner, the chef, or the manager, you’re in charge of coming up with menus, placing orders, and keeping track of your staff members.

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In order to get the most out of the refrigeration equipment, the food must be placed in an efficient manner. In fact, an unorganised refrigerator may have to work harder than necessary. Compressor life may be shortened because of this, and your monthly power bill may rise as a consequence. You can buy fridge organizer malaysia there also.

The layout of food storage in all commercial refrigerators and freezers requires a scientific and ordered procedure. Refrigerators and freezers of various shapes and sizes are employed in commercial enterprises, and this holds true regardless of their size.

Health and Safety Measures That Cannot Be Ignored

In order to ensure the safety and freshness of your food, you should follow all local health regulations and adhere to the basic principles of food safety, as with all of our recommendations.

Making a few quick organisational changes will help you prevent hot spots, improve hygiene, and keep your food safe across all of your refrigerated equipment.

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Leave ample space in between each item of food. When storing big amounts of food, it’s critical to have enough space between food boxes so that cold air may circulate. There will be fewer “hot spots” and better cooling results if the circulation is improved. Soup in a can, frozen desserts, and pre-made appetisers are all examples of ready-to-eat items that fit this description. Maintain a three- to six-inch space between each food item and the refrigerator or freezer’s walls for optimal cold air circulation.

Stay off the floor with everything you own

Products must be kept at a minimum of six inches off the floor in almost all commercial kitchens. It reduces the risk of insect infestation and the risk of exposure to dirty floors. It’s possible to get a commercial refrigerator that doesn’t come with built-in shelves, so you’ll need to add your own permanent shelves.

Place meat-related goods near the bottom of the shelves

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Meat should be stored on the shelves that are the furthest from the door of your industrial refrigerator for food safety concerns. Because of the risk of cross-contamination, inadequate food storage containers or an accidental spill may contaminate other food items that are thawing or marinating. It’s easy to clean up any spillage since the meat is on the bottom shelf and there is six inches of space above it.


In order to preserve the freshness of the veggies, keep them away from any fans. Fresh greens and fragile fruits like berries are at danger of being damaged if they are positioned too near to the refrigerator’s fans. Fresh food should be stored as far away from the fan vents as is reasonably possible since it is susceptible to damage. Hermetically sealed containers offer a better possibility of keeping items in their original condition. Freezer burn may occur if food is placed too close to the fan in the freezer.

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