Damansara Damai

Malaysia is filled with many restaurants. It can also be called a food paradise because when it comes to different types of food and food of different cultures, Malaysia is the perfect place to find food. Every city and state has its food that is famous and popular among the people who live there. Selangor is one of the major states in Malaysia filled with many metropolitan cities like Petaling Jaya. People who live around this area will be familiar with the food over here and they get to eat many types of food around this area. This article will state cities and districts around Selangor that have some of the restaurants that are famous. 

Subang Jaya

People who live in Subang Jaya will be able to get food any time they want as this place is filled with food and restaurants that you can get any time you want. For instance, Lisette’s cafe and bakery are some of the famous bakeries and cafes. This is one of the popular places where you can get pastries and cakes according to your preferences. This place is people’s favorite and this place also received high ratings. Bumbu Bali is also one of the restaurants that received high ratings from its customers. This is one of the places to visit when you want to eat food in an excellent environment. 

Damansara Damai 

Damansara Damai

Damansara Damai is placed in the Petaling district. It is actually a sub-district with many places to visit around the area. Being a strategic place, Damansara Damai is also filled with restaurants that serve the customers and provide them the food they prefer. One of the famous restaurants in Damansara Damai is the cafe named Bean Brothers. This place provides the best food and ambiance to eat. This is one of the people’s favorite places. Not to forget the plenty of traditional restaurants such as Restoran D’putri provides amazing dine-ins and delivery services around Damansara Damai. 

Petaling Jaya

Petaling Jaya is one of the famous cities in Selangor. It is filled with all the facilities that people need around the area. With all the facilities, Petaling Jaya is also filled with amazing restaurants that provide tasty food for people. You can find many restaurants and cafes around here with a great environment and unique aspects in their restaurants. A seafood restaurant called “Unique Seafood’ is a unique restaurant that matches its name. This is a unique seafood restaurant as they will have all the sea lives such as fish and prawns in tanks. People can choose the seafood they want. The people can also request for the way they want the food which can be prepared by the skillful chefs who are working at this restaurant. This place is unique as all their dishes are based on people’s preferences and they are allowed to provide their preferences while also selecting what they are going to eat. For seafood lovers, this is a perfect place for you to eat your favorite seafood. Petaling Jaya is also filed with many other excellent restaurants. 

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